Vesak Timetable for Home Celebration

Updated 30 March 2022

Vesak Timetable for Home Celebration


Please feel welcome to celebrate at home. All welcome to participate. Free.


19.00-19.05 Five minutes silence

19.05-19.25 Chant the BGKT Puja Sheet and Metta Sutta in Pali and read in English – offer flowers candles and incense at the appropriate times

19.25-19.55 Meditation on Loving-kindness Metta (30 mins)

19.55-20.25 Dhamma Talk or Dhamma Study (30 mins) Topic the significance of Vesak

20.25-20.55 Sitting Meditation Anapanasati (30 mins)

20.55-21.00 Chant in Pali and English “May all beings be well and happy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu”

Chanting of the Mangalas [Blessings] by those who have taken Eight Precepts (Eight Uposatha Precepts or Ajivatthamaka Sila) and are wearing sashes presented by their senior Bhikkhu Preceptor and white cream or beige clothes


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