Suttas on Teaching the Dhamma

Updated 31 March 2024

Suttas on Teaching the Dhamma

Suttas [Buddhist Discourses] which explain teaching of the Dhamma [Buddhist Teachings] in Buddhism.

Suttas and translations are available on websites the Access to Insight website, website and Sutta Central website.

Access to Insight

Sutta Central

Anguttara Nikāya

Anguttara Nikāya III 22 Gilana Sutta ‘Sick People’

Anguttara Nikāya III 65 Kalama Sutta ‘To the Kalamas’

Anguttara Nikāya III 72 Ajivaka Sutta ‘To the Fatalists Student’

Anguttara Nikāya III 112 Dullabha Sutta ‘Hard to Find / Rarities’

Anguttara Nikāya IV 42 Pañha Sutta ‘Questions’

Anguttara Nikāya IV 111 Kesi Sutta ‘To Kesi the Horsetrainer’

Anguttara Nikāya IV 192 Thana Sutta ‘Traits’

Anguttara Nikāya V 38 Saddha Sutta ‘Conviction’

Anguttara Nikāya V 154 Saddhammasammosa Sutta (1) ‘The Decline of the True Dhamma (1)’

Anguttara Nikāya V 155 Saddhammasammosa Sutta (2) ‘The Decline of the True Dhamma (2)’

Anguttara Nikāya V 156 Saddhammasammosa Sutta (3) ‘The Decline of the True Dhamma (3)’

Anguttara Nikāya V 157 Dukkathaa Sutta ‘A Badly Given Talk’

Anguttara Nikāya V 158 Saarajja Sutta ‘Diffidence / Timidity’

Anguttara Nikāya V 159 Udayi Sutta ‘About Udayin’

Anguttara Nikāya V 202 Dhammassavana Sutta ‘Listening to the Dhamma

Anguttara Nikāya VI 88 Sussusa Sutta ‘Listening Well’

Anguttara Nikāya VII 64 Dhammaññu Sutta ‘One with a Sense of Dhamma

Anguttara Nikāya VII 80 Satthusasana Sutta ‘To Upali (The Teacher’s Instruction)’

Anguttara Nikāya VIII 53 Gotami Sutta ‘To Gotami’

Anguttara Nikāya X 24 Cunda Sutta ‘Cunda’

Anguttara Nikāya X 93 Ditthi Sutta ‘Views’

Digha Nikaya

Digha Nikaya 12 Lohicca Sutta ‘To Lohicca’

Majjhima Nikāya

Majjhima Nikāya 95 Canki Sutta ‘With Canki’

Majjhima Nikāya 110 Cula-punnama Sutta ‘The Shorter Discourse on the Full Moon Night’

Majjhima Nikāya 137 Salayatana-vibhanga Sutta ‘An Analysis of the Six Sense Media’

Samyutta Nikāya

Samyutta Nikāya XXII 2 Devadaha Sutta ‘At Devadaha’

Samyutta Nikāya XLIV 10 Ananda Sutta ‘To Ananda’

Samyutta Nikāya XLV 2 Upaddhasutta Sutta ‘Half of the Holy Life’

Sutta Nipata

Sutta Nipata II 8 Nava Sutta ‘A Boat’

Sutta Nipata IV 8 Pasura Sutta ‘To Pasura’

Sutta Nipata IV 12 Cula-viyuha Sutta ‘The Lesser Array’



Requirements and Ceremonies for the Five Precepts (Panca Sila), The Eight Precepts with Right Livelihood as the Eighth (Ajivatthamaka Sila), Dhamma Teachers Certificate, issued by the Buddhist Group of Kendal (Theravada) and Ketumati Buddhist Vihara at Wesak 2006).
Available as the Appendix to Introducing Buddhism at
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Suttas on Teaching the Dhamma in Buddhism